Are there required documents that must be provided to apply for CORES certification?

The CORES certification application prompts the applicant to submit several documents throughout the application process. These documents provide the reviewer with relevant information to support the resident services coordination model being narratively described in the applicant’s text answers.  The items with an asterisk are required documents. Applicants will not be able to submit their application without attaching these documents. While the other documents are not required in order to submit the application, the applicant may lose potential points if they are unable to provide these documents.

  • Organizational Chart*
  • Protocols for Storing Resident Data Electronically
  • Resident Services Coordinator Job Description*
  • Organizational Goals, Theory of Change, or Logic Model
  • Example Completed Community Scan* from within the last six years
  • Example Completed Resident Opportunities & Priorities Assessment Report* from within the last three years
  • Example Property Services Plan* from within the last three years
  • Example MOU/Service Agreement with External Service Partner (if relevant) that was executed/renewed within the last three years
  • Example Resident Indicators and Analysis Report (Single Property) * from within the last three years
  • Example Impact Analysis/Report (multiple properties)
  • Example Contract between Third Party Resident Services Organization and Property Owner*  (For Third Party Model Applicants ONLY)


Please Note: The example Community Scan, Resident Opportunities & Priorities Assessment Report, Property Services Plan, and Resident Indicators & Analysis Report (single property) should all be for the same property.


Check out this webinar video which reviews the four documents required for a CORES application that we get the most questions on. This provides a more in-depth look at the Community Scan, Resident Opportunities and Priorities Assessment (formerly called the Resident Opportunities & Needs Assessment), Property Services Plan, and Resident Indicators and Analysis Report.