Recertification Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for CORES recertification, there are ADDITIONAL MINIMUM SCORING REQUIREMENTS and an ADDITIONAL THRESHOLD REQUIREMENT in addition to the threshold requirements that were required at initial certification. For an organization to qualify for recertification it must be able to demonstrate they meet the following threshold requirements and meet minimum scoring requirements. If an organization is unable to meet the threshold requirements, meet the minimum scoring requirements, or provide the required application documents, the organization WILL NOT qualify for CORES recertification. 

  • The organization must still meet the initial CORES certification threshold requirements.
  • For each of the four Key Property-Level Documents (Community Scan, Resident Opportunities and Priorities Assessment, Property Service Plan, and Resident Indicators and Analysis Report), the organization must demonstrate use of these documents/tools and provide examples of each at two properties: (1) an updated example of each document/tool from the initial CORES application property and (2) an up-to-date example of each document/tool for one additional property in the organization's portfolio.
  • The organization must utilize community-level data to achieve certification. The applicant must clearly articulate what types of community-level data are considered/assessed AND also how community level data is used to inform & assist with program/service planning (i.e., census data, local school data, data from local government agencies, etc.). Community data should already be captured in the applicant's Community Scan.
  • The organization must demonstrate that they are collecting and tracking resident OUTCOMES, not only outputs such as participation or the number of referrals provided. This should be captured in the Resident Indicators and Analysis Report.
  • The organization must include an example of an executed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or formal written agreement with a partner organization from the last three years and this agreement should address the following elements: (1) Roles and Responsibilities for each Party; (2) Participation Targets/Expectations; (3) Goals for Outcomes/Impact; (4) Data Sharing (if applicable); and (5) Insurance and Liability. This agreement does not have to be in place at the same two properties used for the other four property-level threshold documents/tools (i.e., Community Scan, Resident Opportunities and Priorities Assessment, Property Services Plan, or Resident Indicators and Analysis Report).