Child Tax Credit (CTC) Resources

The American Rescue Plan increases the Child Tax Credit (CTC) for families with children ages 6-17 to $3,000/year per child and $3,600/year per child younger than 6. Half of the tax credit is paid out in monthly checks, beginning July 15, the other half provided as 2021 income tax refunds. The expanded credit is only available for tax year 2021.  If residents filed tax returns for 2019 or 2020, or if they signed up to receive a stimulus check from the Internal Revenue Service, they will automatically receive the payment. For families who do not file taxes, they can enroll using the IRS non-filer tool.  For more information and resources on the Child Tax Credit, visit the White House website or Child Tax Credit - USOW. Additional Resources below. 

  • The Code for America CTC Non-filer Sign-up Tool (website – English and Spanish). This is where people sign up to for the Child Tax Credit.

  • The Code for America CTC Non-filer Sign-up Tool Help Guide (PDF - English). This guide is meant for navigators and people assisting someone else to access the CTC. It outlines what's going on at each step, so that they know how to respond to common questions and can understand what will happen if people go down a rare corner of the flow. Navigators can also access a navigator resource website (in English and Spanish).

  • The Code for America GetCTC demo (Video – English and Spanish). This video is a quick tour of how to use GetCTC, the simplified tax filing portal.

  • Help is Here – CTC flyer (PDF - English and Spanish). This flyer gives a high-level overview of CTC and is meant to be hung in visible places where the community frequents or gathers to raise CTC awareness.

  • Outreach Email Template (English). An editable template you can use to send to members of your organization or community to build CTC awareness.