Community Impact Strategies: Data Quality Policy & Procedures Guide

Community Preservation and Development Corporation Community Impact Strategies: Data Quality Policy & Procedures Guide was published in 2018.

Data quality is vital to advancing Community Impact Strategies (CIS). Additionally, performance management and program evaluation are essential to moving CIS from measuring inputs and outputs to measuring impacts and outcomes. The goal is to develop an evidence-based model which mandate thorough, robust, timely and accurate data reporting. To that end CIS staff must be committed to data quality that consists of data integrity, data accuracy, data uniformity and data reliability. CIS staff must ensure that data is:

  • held securely and confidentially;
  • obtained fairly and lawfully;
  • recorded accurately and reliably;
  • used effectively and ethically; and
  • shared consistently and appropriately.

With increased data sharing and openness to public scrutiny, overall data quality is essential. This document describes the policy, procedures, guidance and standards relating to CIS data quality. The standards set out in this policy provide general principles for the management of data quality which are applicable to all types of data.