CORES Recertification Overview Webinar

Recorded and published on January 26th, 2023

CORES-Certified Organizations are required to recertify every 5 years to maintain their certification, in order to ensure that they continue to meet CORES requirements and are maintaining a robust and strategic approach to resident services coordination.

This webinar, recorded includes an overview of:

  • What to expect in the CORES recertification application, including updated minimum scoring and threshold question requirements to recertify
  • The steps to recertify and complete the recertification application in the applicant portal
  • Additional changes organizations can expect at CORES recertification

This webinar is intended for CORES-Certified Organizations. We strongly recommend that organizations that are not CORES certified ensure they understand the requirements of initial CORES Certification by watching our CORES 101 Webinar before watching this webinar recording.

Slides for this webinar can be found here.