CORES Webinar: Advancing Trauma-Informed Practice in Housing - Lessons from the Field

Housing organizations are increasingly prioritizing resident voice and agency, trauma-informed care and other resident-centered approaches across their work. This includes resident services, property management, building design, human resources and more.

A holistic approach is important, but often complex. What does it take to create a resident-centered organization? What are concrete ways to ensure residents have voice and agency in organizational change? How can residents and frontline staff have power over decisions that impact them?

In this CORES webinar recording from May 16, 2023, participants had the opportunity to learn about Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)’s Trauma-Informed Housing Toolkit and hear from practitioners at CORES-certified organizations advancing trauma-informed and resident-centered practices across their organization, including both AHC Inc. and POAH.

Access the webinar slides here.