CSH Dimensions of Quality - Supportive Housing

CSH partners with funders, developers and providers of supportive housing to advance high-quality housing and service partnerships that promote resilient and equitable communities through its Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing Tools and Certification program.

CSH provides numerous resources including:

  • Supportive Housing Quality Toolkit: View the Toolkit to review Quality Planning in action. Our toolkit has templates and tools you need to ensure quality practices in developing and operating new supportive housing.
  • Dimensions of Quality Guidebook:This resource will help you understand Quality Standards in planning and operating Quality Supportive Housing.

  • Commitment to Quality Checklist: This tool is intended for projects in the pre-development phase of planning and design and can be used by pre-development, capital, operating, and services funders to assess whether projects are meeting the Dimensions of Quality for Supportive Housing.

  • Intro to Quality Supportive Housing Training: This self-paced online class is designed to expose you to and explain the high standards and certification process CSH has established to identify the best, most-effective supportive housing in the country.

  • Supportive Housing Services Budgeting Tool: This tool was designed to support agencies, communities, and project planners estimate the costs for supportive housing services. The tool uses a template that has built in assumptions around best practice staffing models, case load sizes, and program budget considerations unique to scattered-site and project-based supportive housing models. The tool allows each agency or community to input their average staffing costs, budget assumptions, and productivity expectations to determine rates needed by agencies for a fiscally sustainable program.