Guide to Partnership Management

This updated guide (as of April, 2021) is designed to assist you in formalizing “strategic” partnerships which are of the most benefit and need of residents.

This guide is intended to clarify the vetting process and working relationship between the parties involved and to formalize the understanding in an MOU, which can be used as a guide in maintaining alignment. The success of partner programs and services are heavily dependent on residents being able to access those services. This involves:

  • Knowing the partner’s services, objectives, target audience, eligibility, and/or referral processes;
  • Forming good working relationships with partner staff;
  • Clarifying roles and boundaries in working with residents;
  • Maintaining consistency and respect of partner relationships;
  • Knowing what partners have agreed to;
  • Having a basis to negotiate from when exceptional situations arise; and,
  • Having an agreed upon process for resolving differences.

While the process of establishing a written MOU (recruiting a partner, vetting a partner, etc.) requires a fair amount of commitment and time to organize, the overall outcome will save hours of negotiations in the future. Having a guide will assist new staff and partners with familiarizing themselves with onboarding and performance requirements.