Opportunity Atlas

Which neighborhoods in America offer children the best chance to rise out of poverty?

The Opportunity Atlas answers this question using anonymous data following 20 million Americans from childhood to their mid-30s. Now you can trace the roots of today's affluence and poverty back to the neighborhoods where people grew up. See where and for whom opportunity has been missing, and develop local solutions to help more children rise out of poverty.

In one study, researchers construct a comprehensive census tract-level atlas of children’s outcomes in adulthood using anonymized data covering nearly the entire U.S. population. For each tract, researchers estimate children’s earnings distributions, incarceration rates, and other outcomes in adulthood by parental income, race and gender.

All research results are provided in a new publicly available online data visualization tool, the Opportunity Atlas, available at http://opportunityatlas.org/, where users can view the data for every census tract in America, overlay their own data points of interest, and export into a data set for their own analysis. Here, we provide a snapshot of this information and discuss some of its potential uses.