Resident Centered Outcomes Measurement in Affordable Rental Housing (Toolkit and Webinar Recording)

With the support of the Amazon Housing Equity Fund, SAHF created a toolkit bringing together over a decade of work around resident outcomes to provide guidance to affordable housing owners, operators, funders, and partners on approaches to resident services that are outcomes-driven, equitable, and resident-centered.

This toolkit may be particularly useful to resident services providers seeking to scale or refine their services programs, or to housing providers seeking to add or better integrate outcomes measurement with resident services. With support from the Kresge Foundation, SAHF launched the Outcomes Initiative in 2012 with a vision of increasing the effectiveness, availability, and financial support of service-enriched housing. Through iterative conversations with SAHF members and external partners, the Outcomes Initiative led to the development of two complimentary frameworks for establishing a common approach for systematically implementing and evaluating service-enriched affordable housing: (1) The Framework and Guidelines for a System of Resident Services Coordination and (2) The Resident Outcomes Initiative. This Toolkit is a synthesis of these two frameworks. 

Read the Toolkit here.

Learn more about the Toolkit and how two CORES-certified housing providers (Community Housing Partners & Prospera Housing Community Services) are putting these ideas into practice in our webinar, Tools & Approaches for Resident-Centered Outcomes Measurement in Affordable Housing, recorded on February 28th, 2023.

Watch the Webinar here.

Access the Webinar Slides here.