Resident Services Funding & Delivery Models Among Affordable Housing Nonprofits

This July 2022 report completed by Mel Miller while participating in the Gramlich Fellowship (co-sponsored by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University and NeighborWorks America) explores funding & delivery models of resident services in affordable housing.

After surveying NeighborWorks America network members, the researcher found that resident services practitioners use housing a platform to advance a variety of outcomes, including during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure residents remained housed by providing eviction prevention services. Resident services were funded through a number of sources including operating budgets, government dollars, donors, and foundations. The report also discusses how organizations that are CORES-certified may access funding through Fannie Mae’s Healthy Housing Rewards™ - Enhanced Resident Services (ERS) financing. Despite this funding opportunity, the pandemic has highlighted the need to expand and create stable funding opportunities to support resident services programming and practitioners as they continue to grow and innovate.

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