Webinar: Data Systems Used to Support Resident Outcomes - Part 2

This webinar recording (recorded 10/7/20) provides an introduction to a selection of available online data systems including Efforts to Outcomes (ETO), Family Metrics, and AASCOnline, It features peer sharing from three practitioner organizations who each use one of these online outcomes and data tracking systems. Presenters shared their experience using an online system, including the benefits and limitations they have experienced with each system.

This was the second webinar of a two part series. The first webinar (Sept 17, 2020) provides an overview on outcomes measurement, a look at how data is valuable both internally and externally for resident services practitioners, considers the ethical questions raised by collecting and using resident data including privacy considerations, and provides a high level overview of many of the commonly used online data collection systems used by practitioners.

Another resource that may be of interest:
SAHF provides a listing and some comparisons of the most commonly-used resident services data systems among the CORES certified organizations and SAHF members, to the best of our knowledge.