Webinar: Developing & Utilizing Community Scans to Better Understand Your Neighborhood

Building the systems to develop and implement a Community Scan is a key requirement to qualify for CORES Certification. This webinar, recorded on August 22 2023, provides an overview of the purpose, core elements, and resources to help inform your Community Scan.

What is a Community Scan? A Community Scan is a vital tool that helps an organization review and identify local data to provide insights into the surrounding neighborhood/ community, as well as identify and assess the quality of existing local amenities, services, community assets, potential partners and other resources in the larger community. A Community Scan should be conducted prior to delivery of resident services and programs, and be updated at least once every six years to account for changes to the community that may impact what services are prioritized.

In this webinar, learn how to develop a Community Scan and hear from practitioners at two CORES-certified organizations, Comunidad Partners and the Glick Company, utilizing Community Scans to inform their resident services & programming.

Community Scan examples from Glick Company and Comunidad Partners can be accessed in the CORES Resource Library.

Access the webinar slides here.