Webinar: Leveraging CORES to Access Fannie Mae's Healthy Housing Rewards™ Enhanced Resident Services™

Through Healthy Housing Rewards™ Enhanced Resident Services™ (HHR ERS), Fannie Mae provides a source of sustainable financing for resident services initiatives that are both outcomes-driven and center the priorities of the residents they serve. Properties that receive HHR ERS financing must have resident services programs that are operated by CORES-certified organizations that have demonstrated a robust commitment to, investment in, and capacity for supporting resident stability and well-being. CORES-certified organizations have developed robust resident services infrastructure and use data-driven tools and assessment to drive their own practical and strategic decision making around resident services delivery.

Our webinar (recorded October 25, 2022) provides an overview of Fannie Mae's HHR ERS program, the requirements for qualifying for HHR ERS financing, the ERS Property-level Certification and the annual reporting requirements for the ERS program. We encourage both owners and third-party resident services providers who are already participating in the program and owners who are considering the program to watch this recording! Information covered may be useful to development, asset management, and resident services staff.

Slides from the presentation may also be accessed here: Webinar Slides