Webinar: Systematizing Property Services Planning: An Overview of CORES Threshold Documents


A systems approach to resident services coordination – one that centers and actively engages residents - can leverage limited resources to improve the effectiveness of services and improve the health and well-being of residents. It requires organizations to regularly assess the surrounding community, resident demographics, and engage directly with residents to identify priorities and to develop a property services plan with targeted goals for impact. These goals and targeted outcomes are assessed periodically to ensure accountability and to help the organization recognize and deepen its impact. The CORES Certification was built using a Framework for a System of Resident Services Coordination and requires organizations to demonstrate this capacity and process using four key documents:

  • Community Scan
  • Resident Opportunities & Priorities Assessment
    (formerly listed as Resident Opportunities & Needs Assessment)
  • Property Services Plan
  • Resident Indicators & Analysis Report

Please note that you can find examples of these tools/documents in the Resource Library.

Organizations seeking CORES certification often have questions about these threshold documents. The Fall 2021 Webinar provides an overview these documents, their functions, and how they are used in practice. Homes for America, a CORES certified organization working in the MidAtlantic, provided a practitioner’s insight on how these tools support their work; and detail how they, as a hybrid organization, manage the development of these tools and alignment of their process with their third-party partners.

Access the webinar slides here.