WinnCompanies Housing Stability Program

In 2020/2021, WinnCompanies piloted a new national Housing Stability Program which was designed to cut evictions in half by 2025 across the company's apartment portfolio.

The program was designed to :

  • Strengthen resident education and outreach so  that every household, regardless of their circumstances, understands the resources available to them through public and private programs at the local, state, and federal levels;
  • Mandate pro-active early intervention by property management for at-risk households as soon as they report financial hardship;
  • Pursue achievable, affordable and sustainable payment agreements with struggling households, as well as providing hands-on help accessing emergency rental assistance; and,
  • Provide incentives and accountability to property management staff and legal counsel to set and reach strategic housing stabilization goals that lower eviction filing rates in each apartment community the company serves.

Program manuals for each state have been developed. WinnCompanies has provided their manual for their Massachusetts Housing Stability Program as an example of the program.